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Fire and Ice?! Will Kaze go home....? (ep.2)
Natsu: Wearing normal sleeveless red jacket with salmon colored shirt, and blue shorts (jeans?); gray eye patch. Cat-like expression, serious, stubborn. A bit of a hothead. (17-21 in human years; It varies. Low voice.)
Kaze: Wears glasses, Long covered jacket, huge layer of shirts, long pants (underpants, literally under pants! XD) , and a whole bunch of other layers. Cat-like expression, Serious, Stubborn, Can be cool? (Around Neko's age, 10) Talks extremely low for his age?  Extremely cold. Litterally. XD Part cat-demon.
Neko: Wearing her winter school outfit (Consists of socks, shoes, jacket, skirt, knee highs.), Bubbly, "Kawaii" , Young (12-13 in human years, Much older in demon years.), Demon powers awakening.
There's an extremely tense disturbance in the air. Neko, Natsu, and Kaze are sitting (Not all) at a small table in the living room.
Kaze/Natsu: *glaring daggers at each other*
Neko: Mew...? *worried; sipping her tea and sitting* How about we
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I dislike work. ^^ That's all.


I dislike work. ^^ That's all.
Lol I haven't been here in... ages. It's sooo funny looking at my old stuff. XD Anybody home?
So yeah... It's story time for all you random people out there who read these stories and what not! *puts on a robe and hat and blows a bubble pipe opening up her big book of randomness*


(unless you live in like California or somewhere that doesn't snow, sorry! XD For the sake of this just look at a snow globe. And if you don't have one... um TOILET PAPER and throw it on your roof. Little pieces. And there you go. If no toilet paper..... Go out and buy some. If no toilet paper money, sale something on ebay and get your lazy bum off the device you are reading this on! >o< Sorry ^^; Getting carried away)

Anyways, there was a lonely poor young girl, about the age of 13 (maybe a little older IDK!). Her father, that was abusive to her (due to alcohol abuse) had recently kicked her out in the snow, drunk as usual. The girl's name was Fire. (If you have a character named fire, please forgive me. ;^; ).

As she walked through the ever piling snow that seemed to hit her in the face, from every step she took, it seemed like it was getting colder and colder. At this moment, it was Christmas Eve night, many people were at dinner having their fun, but Fire was getting colder and colder, shivering from the little clothes she had on. As she breathed on her hands to warm them, she saw her breath, but it was only a temporary warmth that faded as she walked on.
Fire passed by houses looking inside them to see happy families eating their dinner. There was turkey, Stuffing, and all sorts of starches, vegetables. and pies, were seen as her mouth began to water. She hadn't eaten, but a few pieces of bread she had stolen from the kitchen, her stomach growled angrily without shame. When one of the families had seen her standing in their window they simply shooed her away closing their curtain. She continued to walk on, hands in her jacket's pocket, that seemed to be torn slightly still trying to warm her hands. What surprised her the most was to find a pocket full of matches.

When she took them out, to her dismay, a wind blew out of nowhere, blowing them in the empty city street. She ran to the street to fetch them, but little did she know a truck was in the pursuit of hitting her. When she finally got the matches, the next thing she heard was the sound of a truck's boisterous, loud honk. HOOOOOONNNNK! HOOOONK! She stood in the street, as if she were a deer in head lights. She closed her eyes, knowing this may be her last time alive. 

BUT ALAS! (Uh oh...)

There was a bright shining light as she gets picked up from where she stood into the air. Fire opened her eyes, and was amazed to see that she was more than 15 feet off the ground from the city buildings. Amazingly enough, she hadn't noticed she was being carried until she looked up. This person or thing had golden feathered wings. It was an angel. 

TO BE CONTINUED MAYBE NEXT CHRISTMAS! XD *insert evil laughter* Muahaha! *cough cough* :iconyukkoevilsmileniplz: (maybe. ^^; )
:squee: *Is testing this randomly* If anyone clicked on this... You get a cookie! And hi! :yay:
It's Random Story time! This is Entry #2! If you're wondering where entry #1 is it's the one about this village of cats and yeah from there it gets weird... Well without further ado here is this random story that I'm going to make from the top of my head!
Once upon a time, in space there was this really ugly bright orange toad headed man (Human body XD). He was so ugly, everyone in the universe was afraid of him and couldn't go near him. EVERYONE!!!

His name was Bablebabletoamokamanranatui. Or just Tui. (Yeah I'm literally making this up as I go along XD)

So anyways one day he was going to the store. Everyone on his way there looked at him in shock running away from him horrified. Some of their eyes actually melted at the sight of his hideous face. He usually was in his house being an otaku and watching anime.

Tui: *goes inside a convenience store as the sliding automatic doors open*

Old Man: いらしゃいませ! (Means Welcome in Japanese. XD Irashaimase)
May I hel- *actually happened to be a human*

Tui: *one of his eyes blinks and then the other* May I ple-

Old Man: *faints*

Tui: :iconsighingplz: What have I done to be born half toad half human...? *he walks out sadly, but then bumps into someone who was not looking where they were going*

Now, there once was the most beautiful maiden in the universe. Everyone in the universe loved her for her beauty. Her beauty alone, though she was a very lonely person. Though people loved her, they only liked her because she was pretty to the eyes. Her name was Kireina.  Though she preferred to be called Kira. (YET ANOTHER JAPANESE WORD XD Means beautiful or clean, OMG LIGHT *coughs* Death note... )
:iconlightyagamiplz: XD

Kira: *flinches, falling to the ground* Sorry.. *looks at him and doesn't scream*

Tui: *was holding his ears in case she did, but looked surprised* Your not afraid?

Kira: Why would I be? *smiles* I'm Kireina. What's your  name?

Tui: W-Well actually it's kinda long...

Kira: *laughs* It couldn't be that long. Tell me.

Tui: Bablebabletoamokamanranatui. (Don't ask me how to pronounce)

Kira: O.O Um....

Tui: Tui is fine.

Kira: *smiles brightly * Okay Tui! Nice to meet you.

Tui: You're really not afraid?

Kira: No, why?

Tui: I'm a monster...

Kira: No your not.. Your beautiful in your own special way.

Tui: *eyes sparkle and he cries* THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kira: ^^;

And from that day onwards, Tui and Kira became friends. Kira was no longer lonely, and Tui was no longer ugly and people warmed up to him. Both had made a friend that day. THE END!

:D What? I said the end... D: You want them to be together or something...?  UM... Ship them in your own world! XD

Eto.... if anyone wants to rp message me through notes. I'M BOOORED!!

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  • Watching: the world.
  • Playing: with words.
  • Eating: cookies.
  • Drinking: milk.


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I wish to go to Japan one day with my cousin and friends. I love hamsters, cats, dogs,etc. I used to play the cello and I wish to play keyboard. My favorite color is white and/or any color in general. I play pokemon and watch. anime as a hobby. And I love to draw~~~ :iconheehee-plz:

P.S. I comment with onion emoticons. Onion emoticons rock!!!


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